Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1990 Kevin Lael  "Beloved Daughter of Destiny"  named in the presence of the Congregation..
                             "Men, from whence you have come will heed your words."  Remain silent for
                              18 months then prepare for your words to be heard."...  FATHER GOD

But, my Journey did not begin here, this was only a Milestone, confirming to me "Who I Am!"  One
of many during the 3 Days of my life. {GOD is a GOD of Numbers and Order and Simple complexity}

My journey began on 10-21-1950 at about 2:00 am in Minnesota, on a crisp cold night with a sky full
of stars and a light snowfall covering the ground outside my window.  I was 8 years of age, and more
than anything I wanted to grow up to be like my mother.  Muriel Ruth Fuller-Mether, a Unique and Awesome woman of GOD, Prophetess, Prayer Warrior; as well as Pastors Daughter, Pastors Wife, and Mother.  check out blog "I am Cherished" on Wordpress.

     DAY 1     Daughter:  Mentored & Trained in "The Nurture and Admonition of the LORD"

     DAY 2     Woman:  Daughter, Wife and Mother, Sister and Friend, Living according to GOD'S
                                     Instructions, Corrections and Directions .  In obedience to GOD'S Word,
                                     and "Constant Companion" the HOLY SPIRIT,  JESUS last "Gift" to us.
                                     before HIS Ascension to the FATHER GOD.

2008 Michael Maytlan " This is unusual, I "SEE" a Document being given to you almost 18 years
                                         ago!" {pause} "This IS the TIME!" in the presence of the Congregation..

     DAY 3      Daughter of Destiny:  Submission and Obedience to "Mission Mandate"
                      ... FATHER GOD
4-14 2012  Last Day of 90 Day Fast  (1-17/4-14-2012):  Romans 5:4         4-16-2012  
                  Samuel 10:1-5 "Why do you mourn?"  "I have chosen."
                                          "GO, I will show you where you are to go."        
                                          "Prepare yourself for the 'Anointing'."

Jeremiah was told by the HOLY SPIRIT, to write GOD'S Words to him on a Tablet , that men could

This is my Tablet:...... My Why......My Purpose.......My Ministry Mission Mandate ......"My Calling."