Monday, March 11, 2013

3rd Day of my Life { 2012-2013 } 5773 GOD'S Calender

Day 2:
It began :  Joshua, "Where-so-ever your foot shall trod, that have I { GOD } given unto you."     
                              { Joshua 1:3 - Promise of GOD given to High Priest over 'This House' 1975 }
September 18, 2003 The HOLY SPIRIT so impressed upon me that I had been given the
                              "Double Portion Anointing" of my precious mother Muriel Ruth Fuller-Mether                                 the morning of her Home going. She had faithfully supported and walked beside
                               me during the growth of my Ministry Giftings those past ten years;

                               GOD had taken Richard Makela and our Beloved High Priest Father
                                and Husband Rev Dr Faye Eugene Mether Home in 1993.
                               { within 6 months of each other.}

Day 3:
 June 19, 2012  "World Bible Way convention Dallas, Texas "Give me this Mountain."
                  Caleb,  Joshua 14:19  reminding Joshua of His Promise from GOD:
                              "Where-so-ever your foot has trod, that have I {GOD } given unto you, and
                                your children, forever."

                   Caleb, gave his Daughter to be the wife of the man who had helped him conquor
                               "This Mountain," as her Inheritence and Bride Gift."  But the mountain was

                                 barren; and she asked her husband {appropriate subservience to her lord, and
                                 'spiritual over-covering' } to ask her father for a Well also."

                                 Joshua 18:19  Caleb responds to the request made by the husband; directly
                                  to his daughter {Showing her Honor and Respect before all the people }

                                  "What do you Wish?"  
                                 Joshua  18:20 she replied " I desire a 'Blessing.'" In turn Caleb again Honors
                                  her by giving her a "Double Portion Blessing."  "The upper wells and the lower